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Covid-19 hygiene measures. We are prepared.

The Namibian government has been vigilant in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in our country with the safety of residents and guests being their top priority. At Casa Forno Country Hotel we comply with all required Covid-19 hygiene and safety regulations as well as going the extra mile to ensure that you, our guest, has a comfortable stay. Our accommodation is spacious and our facilities well-spaced in a large outdoor and garden setting.

Luxury accommodation


Should you need to cancel due to Covid-19 related reasons, Casa Forno Country Hotel allows a 0% cancellation fee on your accommodation until 48 hours prior to the date of arrival. The offer is valid until 31 October 2021.

Requirements for Travellers

All non Namibian travellers must present a negative COVID 19 PCR test result that is not older than 7 days (168 hours) at Port of Entry. They will not be required to be quarantined or subjected to another test including when exiting Namibia. The period of 168 hours is reckoned from the time the sample was taken.

Travellers vaccinated against COVID-19 are required to provide a negative COVID-19 test prior to entry in the country.

Travellers have to provide a travel itinerary, two completed medical questionnaires (COVID-19 Primary Surveillance Form and Health Questionnaire) and a travel insurance that also covers Covid-19 related medical expenses.

In the unlikely event of falling ill, C’est si Bon will advise and facilitate you with getting tested and transferred to a registered, private isolation and quarantine facility. The costs for these services must be covered by the guests or their insurance.

Safe family accommodation

Our Safety Protocols

Casa Forno Country Hotel takes the utmost care to ensure that our environment is safe and our guests are comfortable. Our staff have been carefully trained to follow all COVID-19 protocols.

On arrival, guests are required to use the provided hand sanitiser and their temperature is taken and recorded. They are requested to complete a Medical and Travel Declaration.

Our employees will be wearing face masks and we provide face masks for guests who do not have one on their person.

Reception - hygiene protocols

Restaurant & Bar

Hand sanitisers are available upon entry.

We offer both inside and outside dining. We ensure social distancing by carefully spacing our tables. Our outside dining is very spacious with plenty of room between our numerous dining areas.

Guests are served by our restaurant personnel at our breakfast buffet. There is no self-service.

Alcohol beverages will be sold as per the On-Consumption Liquor License Regulations of the Liquor Act. This means no takeaway alcohol.

Inside and outside dining areas

Cleaning of Rooms

All rooms undergo a deep clean between guests checking out and new arrivals.

Guests may request to minimize housekeeping should they want to avoid interaction.

Our housekeeping employees wear gloves and face masks and use disinfectants for cleaning all surfaces and frequently used touchpoints (eg. handles and switches) when preparing and refreshing rooms.

Bed sheets will not be replaced every day, as per our eco-friendly procedures, but can be changed upon request.

All guest laundry is washed separately using strong disinfectant soaps. It is then sundried and ironed.

Clean rooms


Our employees are there to make sure that you are well taken care of. We wish you to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay in a safe environment.

Our personnel have been educated on Covid-19 and trained in all safety protocols. We have a dedicated health coordinator to ensure compliance at all times.

Employees regularly wish their hands and use hand sanitiser. Their temperature is regularly monitored.

Social distancing is adhered to when in contact with other employees and guests.

Cleaning personnel are provided with face masks and gloves.

Mealtimes for personnel are staggered to ensure social distancing.

Staff member disinfecting table
Approved hotel


We look forward welcoming you to our hotel and ensuring that you enjoy your stay with us.


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